page last updated: september 24, 2020

Contributing to zynnyadesign.com 🦄

zynnyadesign.com is an open-source project. So if you want to help improve our portal to Ethereum, here's how you can help out.

Ways to contribute

Any questions?hg0088线上 🤔 Reach out on our

How to work on zynnyadesign.com

whether you're adding to the site, creating content or working on open issues, you'll need a account.

hg0088线上all updates are made via the github pr process. this means you create a local copy of the website, make your changes and request to merge in your changes.

hg0088线上if you've not done this before, follow the instructions at the bottom of our .

you don't need permission to work on anything, but it's always best to let us know what you're planning to do. you can do this by:

  • Commenting on an issue or PR in
  • Messaging on our

before contributing , make sure you're familiar with:

How decisions about the site are made

decisions about individual prs, design evolution and major upgrades are made by a team from across the ethereum ecosystem. this team includes project managers, developers, designers, marketing and communications, and subject matter experts. community input informs every decision: so please raise questions in issues, submit prs, or contact the team:


thanks to everyone who has contributed so far!