hg0088线上page last updated: august 18, 2020

Adding Ethereum exchanges

anyone is free to suggest new exchanges on zynnyadesign.com.

hg0088线上we currently list them on:

hg0088线上this page allows a user to input where they live and see what exchanges they can use. this helps surface any geographical restrictions early.

because of this context, we need some specific information when you suggest an exchange.

NOTE: If you want to list a decentralized exchange, take a look at our policy for listing wallets and dapps.

What we need

  • The geographical restrictions that apply to the exchange
  • The currencies users can use to buy ETH
  • Proof that the exchange is a legitimate trading company
  • Any additional information you might have – this might be information about the company like years of operation, financial backing etc.

We need this info so that we can accurately help users find an exchange they can use.

hg0088线上and so that zynnyadesign.com can be more confident that the exchange is a legitimate and safe service.

Add your exchange

if you want to add an exchange to zynnyadesign.com, create an issue on github.