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Get involved in Eth2

People from all across the Ethereum community have been contributing to Eth2, and there are ways for you to get involved too. At this stage, most of the ways to help out are quite technical because the work is focussed on testing. But there'll be more less-technical opportunities to get involved with Eth2 as we get further along the roadmap.

Stake test ETH using the launchpad 🚀

as a holder of eth, you can now participate in the test version of eth2 by staking testnet eth. this will make you a test eth2 validator. a validator is someone who runs software that processes transactions and creates new blocks in eth2 – potentially earning rewards in the process.

this test staking is happening on the using göeth, a type of test eth running on the görli testnet. the staking launchpad will walk you through the process in detail.

if you don't have any göeth, you can get some from the . this is an application that allows you to request test eth.

Go to the Medalla launchpad

Enter the Medalla data blog post challenge 📊

the ethereum foundation is awarding prizes for the best blogs covering medalla data analysis and visualisations. they're interested in uncovering patterns and behaviours in the validators, the health of the test network, and anything else you can find.

This will help the community learn more about Medalla testnet activity and get us closer to shipping Phase 0, the Beacon Chain on mainnet.

More on the challenge

Go bug hunting 🐛

to find and report bugs in eth2 you'll need to run the test clients and see if you can find anything that doesn't work properly.

A bug might be a severe defect that could crash Eth2 or just something that doesn't quite work as you think it should. This is a vital part of making sure the beacon chain works as designed. You can get rewards for bringing bugs to the community's attention – for more details check out the bounty program

If you can, it's even more helpful to set up and run multiple Eth2 clients.

Eth2 clients

ClientSetup instructions

Attacknets 🤺

hg0088线上security is everything. if you're a white-hat hacker you can help out by trying to crash purpose-made attacknets. there are small attacknets for lighthouse, prysm, and teku. plus a larger multi-client testnet.

bringing down one of these attacknets could shine a light on potential vulnerabilities in the real thing.

there are eth and dai rewards for successful attacks that help us improve the security of eth2.